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How to Prepare for Your Photo Session
How to Prepare for Your Photo Session

How to Prepare for Your Photo Session

You are probably wondering how in the world you are going to create beautiful photographs like professional photographers do.  Pros are always ready for their sessions.  Everything is planned down to the smallest detail.  The more you plan, the better your images will be.  Take a moment to read through the following suggestions and your images will be better than you ever imagined.

  1. Understand that you are not photographing trained models.  Practice some poses before you come in.  
    1. Search the web for photography session posing.  
    2. Search the web for photography session posing your hands. 
    3. Remember, there will be a Selfy Pro here to help you. 
  2. Hair and nails should be well groomed.  If you need a color touchup, do it a few days to one week before your photo session.
  3. Shave!  Unless you’re going for the scruffy look, shave!
  4. Drink lots of water the day before.  Your skin will have a beautiful glow if you are well hydrated.
  5. If you are photographing children, take extra care getting them ready.  An extra outfit can save your session if there is an accident.  A special toy can calm an upset child.  A favorite snack can reward a child for a beautiful pose.  
    1. Avoid telling your child to say cheese.  Instead, tell them to say, “Hi, Mommy” so that they’re not thinking about smiling.  If you smile at them and have fun, they will too.  You are sure to love these more natural expressions.
  6. Plan your wardrobe.  Remember, you should coordinate the clothing, but try not to match outfits exactly.  
    1. Everyone should dress in the same style:  Dressy, Casual, After Five, etc., depending on the look you want in your images.  
    2. If you are photographing a group, lay all of your clothing choices out on a neutral surface (like a white bed sheet).  If anything stands out too much, replace it.  You will want your faces to be the center of attention, not the hot pink scarf your daughter may want to wear.  
    3. Remember to consider shoes, socks, hats and jewelry.
  7. NOTE:  To preserve your hairstyle, save any clothing items, such as hats and scarves for the end of the session.
  8. Select backgrounds that coordinate with your clothing selections.  From the home page of SelfyStudios.com, click on the Background Selections button.  
    1. Choose four backgrounds if you are booking one studio.  
    2. Choose eight backgrounds if you are having a 3 hour party.
    3. Email your selections to SelfyStudios@gmail.com.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP - If you are unsure, call us!  We can assist you in planning the perfect Photo Session.  Give us a call at (817) 270-2000 for any questions you may have.